Welcome to our dedicated resource for all things concerning the Cornavirus. Please keep checking this page for the latest updates on how our church is responding to this crisis and how you can get help or support others in need. We will also provide sources of encouragement here to keep you uplifted during this difficult time.

Online Services

Even though we cannot meet together physically in a Sabbath School class during this difficult time, Croydon Church is still open thanks to the blessing of technology.

Starting from the 21 March until it will be safe to meet together again in the church building, we will be broadcasting a Sabbath School panel discussion from Croydon every Sabbath morning between 10am and 11am.  And the best news is that it won’t be only us who will be on the panel.

Supporting One Another & Staying In Touch

Let’s keep in touch and keep praying for one another!  If you need any support during this time, please call Pastor Royston or Pastor Alex or you can use our dedicated form to submit a request for help. If you would like to offer help and support to others we have provided a form for that too.

Tithes & Offerings

As the tithes and offerings form a fundamental part of our worship, it is essential that we stay faithful in returning these blessings to our Lord. Those who have access to electronic means of payment are encouraged to make use of this method.

Here are the ways of giving and brief notes:

How to Boost Your Immunity

Learn 10 ways to boost your immunity during the coronavirus outbreak.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak all worship gatherings are suspended until further notice. This includes the main Sabbath gatherings of the Divine Service, the Sabbath School,  the Wednesday Prayer Meetings, and all other on site church activities throughout the week. The only exception will be Community Kitchen which will be open to distribute take-away meals to those in need on Tuesdays. 

Following discussions by British Union Conference (BUC) field leaders concerning the rapid spread of the Coronavirus and the announcements made by the Irish and British governments (Thursday 12 March and Monday 16 March) advising against ‘social’ gatherings, all public worship services are suspended within its territory from Sabbath, 21 March in the interest of safety for all members and the local community.

These measures are unique and difficult to make but as a church we have to do our part to prevent the spreading of infection in our various communities and to take responsive and proactive action to ensure the wellbeing of all congregants especially those who are most vulnerable.

With church services being postponed, we will look for creative ways to sustain a worship experience on Sabbath, including arranging messages to be shared via livestreaming to their members. The suspension of public worship services is not the closure of the church. We encourage all our members where possible to be involved in responding to the needs of both their members and neighbours and show ourselves to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’ in our communities.