Being Like Jesus Series

Event details

  • Saturday | 27/08/2022
  • 10:00 am - 1:15 pm
  • Watch online or visit Croydon SDA Church, 95 Selhurst Road, South Norwood London, SE25 6LH, UK

Being like Jesus and following him can be a challenging experience. Repeatedly Jesus titled himself as Word, Water or Bread. Each statement gives us a glimpse into Jesus’s character and what He’s like. He used figurative language to relate common objects or concepts with Himself or His Kingdom so that people could better understand His character and purpose.

Join us this August as we explore what it truly means to be like Jesus. 


Morning Programme


06 August

Sermon Topic: The Word Was Here

Speaker:  Elder Neil Nunes

Summary: Your life will forever be transformed once you understand ‘The Word’ was with us. This is the truth about Jesus and the foundation of all truth. So, get connected to the ‘Word’.

13 August

Sermon Topic: Living Water Is Here


Speaker: Pastor Wilfred Blake


Summary: We can mistakenly, like the woman at the well, confuse the two kinds of water. We would not deprive our bodies of food and water when we are hungry or thirsty. Why then should we deprive our souls of the water that Jesus offers? He is the only source of eternal life. Many spiritual functions parallel physical functions. As our bodies hunger and thirst, so do our souls need spiritual food and water.  From where do you drink to sustain your soul?

20 August
Youth Day 

Sermon Topic: Change of Environment

Guest Speaker: Samuel Semakula

Summary: We normally find ourselves in different life situations – some environments created by our own actions and others by God. Whichever one you find yourself in will depend on what you produce in life. Identifying what God made or self-made environment you are in is the focus.

27 August

Sermon Topic: The Bread is Here


Speaker: Elder Si-Annarah Millanaise


Summary: We eat bread to satisfy physical hunger and to sustain our physical life. However, it is only Jesus who can satisfy spiritual hunger and sustain our spiritual life. This can only happen when we have the right relationship with Jesus Christ. While the physical bread can sustain life, we need to invite Christ into our daily life to sustain our spiritual life.

Afternoon Programme


The Social Team is inviting  everyone to a ‘Retro style’ AYS programme. Come and relive the good old days of sing-alongs, poetry, and morning watch recitals. (In-person only.)

20 August | 7:00PM YOUTH DAY

An evening of Praise & Worship led by the youth, ending with a late night Social. (In-person only.)