Festival of Sound Spring 2022: Children’s Praise

Event details

  • Saturday | 21/05/2022
  • 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Watch online or visit Croydon SDA Church, 95 Selhurst Road, South Norwood London, SE25 6LH

Children's Praise

Children are a gift from God. Psalm 127:3 is just one of many reminders from the Bible of how precious children are in the sight of the Lord!  Join us for a vibrant evening of music where our little ones will use their musical talents to show their love for God and help raise funds for the important work of St Christopher’s Hospice.


We will have a mixture of live and pre-recorded video performances.

Our Fundraiser

This year we’re raising funds for St Christoher’s Hospice who offer world class palliative and end of life care to everyone who needs it, whenever or wherever that may be.   St Christopher’s Hospice are more than just a hospice – they also provide community programmes that offer practical, emotional and spiritual support to over 7,500 people in the local area, most of whom they will help to continue living at home. Learn here how any donations you make will be used. 

Meet Our Performers

Angeli Victor

Angeli Charel Renia Victor is 12 years old. She is a first form secondary school student and is in the junior class in Sabbath School. Recognising her gift of singing, her mother would often encourage her to sing simple songs at church from a very early age.

Since that time she has ministered during concerts and more recently during televised services by the St Lucia Mission of Seventh-day Adventists. Angeli is an active member of the Ranger unit of the Pathfinder Club at her church and eagerly participates in club meetings and activities. In her role as Devotion leader for her unit, she presents and organises devotional activities during meetings.

Angeli is a confident young lady who loves singing, using digital media and having fun. She is a piano student who is dedicated to learning. She is a determined and serious student who does her best to perform at the top and is often found helping her classmates. She enjoys participating in sporting activities.

She loves having adventures and going to the beach. Angeli believes in using her talents and abilities to bless others and will most often than not gladly accept invitations to sing, preach or to participate in outreach activities.

Annaliese Smith

Emmanuel, Emmanuella & Michael Asamoah Yeboah

Emmanuel Asamoah Yeboah

Hello, I am Emmanuel. I am 12 years old.  I started learning the saxophone last year during lockdown although I have been playing piano from age 3.  I am also learning the viola and preparing for exams for all the instruments I play at different stages. Music has such a calming and emotive effect on me and what I do. I enjoy playing together with my siblings and in ELSOM concerts. Other than music I like reading, football, and computer games. I want to take up a career in medicine or technology. One day I also want to run my own business. In the meantime I want to enjoy my childhood and use my time to learn, serve God and humanity.


Emmanuella Asamoah Yeboah

My name is Emmanuella, I am 10 years old. I am the only girl among my siblings, so I feel quite guarded by my 3 brothers, but God is my ultimate protector. Music is part of my life. I am preparing for my grade 2 exams in violin. I also play piano, alto saxophone and at the basic level of the flute. My personal target is to complete grade 8 at least in violin by the age of 16. In September, I am fortunate to be starting secondary school on music scholarship.   Away from music, I love cooking and always look out for new recipes. One day I want to publish my own cookbook. I am a member of a local gymnastics group and swimming club. I also make time for drawing as a hobby. I hope to become a musician and dentist in the future. However, I want to give myself more career options.  But whatever career options I train for, I hope to be active in the work of God.


Michael Asamoah Yeboah

My name is Michael and I am 9. My name is also found in the bible. My friends sometimes call me Kojo, a reminder that I was born on a Monday. I love music. My favorite instrument is the violin which I started playing at the age of 5. I also enjoy singing and playing the piano and soprano saxophone. I attend East London School of Music (ELSOM) for my musical lessons after school.  Apart from music I love reading books, watching non-fiction simulation videos and learning about computers by playing computer games. I enjoy play football for my local club, doing athletics and swimming. They keep me fit. I am a Christian, a proud believer in God and a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I am part of my church’s Adventurer club and involved in the Bible Experience competition. One day, I want to become a musician, computer scientist, and lead my own business. I want  to also use my skills and gift to help the work of God and make this world a better place.

Faith & Solomon Philips-Boyd 

Faith and Solomon are remarkable and bright children who love the Lord.


Faith loves to read her Bible every day and has demonstrated her growth and understanding of the scriptures.


Solomon loves singing hymns around the house and in public places. He also loves praying for his friends and others he knows. They both love singing wonderful hymns that brings joy to the home.

Jayden Mc Donald

Twelve year old Jayden Mc Donald started playing the piano just four years ago. Now as a Music Scholar at school his repertoire currently centres on the classical era with his favourite composers being Debussy, Chopin and Liszt.  As a flourishing violinist, Jayden is also member of the South London Youth Orchestra and an increasing number of ensembles including Trinity Junior Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra at School. 

With a love for music across many genres, Jayden is always found singing or humming a tune to himself. Having drifted off to sleep to gentle gospel hymns and Jim Reeves since a baby, even now he rarely goes to sleep without his favourite bedtime music from The Hertiage Singers or The Kings Heralds where he can sing every word.

Joel Wright

Joanna Young

Joshua & Caleb Choyen


Leizell Victor


Leizell Reese Theresa Victor is a 10 year old student of the Emmanuel SDA School in St Lucia. She is in the Junior Class at Sabbath School and is an active and eager member of the Friend unit of the Pathfinder Club at her church.

While she is a quiet child, Leizell is a talented singer and serious thinker. She is a curious child who loves to discover why things are the way they are and how they work. She enjoys a joke and loves making her family laugh with her many antics. She is a loyal friend. Leizell has an easygoing personality and enjoys having fun and will undertake a few adventures. Her favorite place to be is at the beach. She is a piano student who is willing to put in the effort to learn and is overjoyed when she overcomes challenges.

Not one for the limelight she is happy to sing and minister with her church’s children’s choir that has unfortunately been derailed since Covid. However, she will sometimes accompany her sister in a duet. Leizell is sensitive to other’s hurt and will often empathize with others in their various situations. She believes that obedience to God is necessary for a successful life.

Mistry Burnett

My name is Mistry Burnett. I am from a family of five. Cooking delicious meals and drawing pictures are my expertise. I am also nine years old.

Rashida McCalla

Rashida is an eighth-grade student at the Victor Dixon High school in Jamaica. She is 13 years old with a passion for singing from the tender age of 3. She enjoys using her exceptional talent to contribute to the music ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Rashida, has had wide appearances singing and sharing testimonials across the five SDA conferences, the Jamaica Union of SDA churches, featured on NCU Radio, sang for many school programs, and community events. Outside of singing, she enjoys watching television, art and craft, and taking care of her two younger brothers. Rashida is the first of three children of Nuvia McCalla, an Enrolment Officer at Nothern Caribbean University, and Ricardo McCalla, an assistant Pastor in the North East Jamaica Conference.    Rashida is guided by the philosophy  “Being comes before doing.”

Santiago Alcala

Santiago Daniel Vinoles Alcala was born on September 23, 2011, in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuelan. At the age of three Santiago received his violin as a birthday gift and began to show his interest in the music. His major inspiration for music has been his mother who is a violin and piano interpreter.  Since Santiago was a baby he has been surrounded by a musical atmosphere.  When he turned 7 he began his first violin class with his parents and from the beginning has shown that he has received from God the gift of music. Apart from interpreting his melodies on the violin, Santiago wants to learn to play the piano, and although in the future he does not want to become a famous musician because his true passion is archaeology, he longs to put all his gifts at the service of God.