Power of Words Series

Event details

  • 26/09/2020
  • 9:45 am - 5:30 pm
  • Watch online

Ever thought about the power of words? The things people say to us can last for years. They can shape how we behave and what we think about ourselves. And our words can do the same for others. When our words are lies or gossip, they can create big problems.  God knows all the words we say, and all the ones we don’t say. Remembering this can also help us to think about good things and to speak words that bring life, joy, peace, and encouragement to others.

Join us each Sabbath throughout September as we explore some hard hitting truths about the power of words.

Morning Programme

Health Devotional 9:45am | Sabbath School 10:00am | Worship Service 11:30am

DateSpeakerHealth Devotional
SpeakerSermon Topic
05 SepValarie KopotshaSweet Enough – The Danger of Refined SugarPastor Sam OuadjoGive Me This Mountain (Joshua 14: 12-15)
12 SepLauren WrightFlexing Your Health MusclesPastor Royston SmithThe Power of Words (Exod. 4: 11-12)
19 SepValarie KopotshaStroke Awareness – Prevention is Better than CureElder Peter BurtonProverbs and Words (Proverbs 25: 11)
26 SepEugenie BurtonWhen God Says Yes But You Say NoPastor Royston SmithTaming the Tongue (James 3:5-12)

Afternoon Programme

Health Focus 4:15pm | Bible Study 5:30pm

DateSpeakerHealth &
Roundtable PanelBible Study
05 SepDr. Miriam Kakaire (Orthopaedic Specialist)Keeping Healthy BonesPastor Royston; Elders Claudia & LawrenceDoes God have a Plan for Your Future?
12 SepValarie KopotshaUnderstanding ObesityPastor Andrew and TeamWhy Is the Way Narrow?
19 SepPastor Steve Thomas (Hospital Chaplain)Developing Self CareElder Leslene and Team Is Your Claim to Be A Christian True?
26 SepNatalie HarrisNutrition and CancerElder Oniel and Team Spiritual Rebirth