Pastor Royston’s Monthly Update

2 November 2020

With November already upon us, it makes you wonder where the year has gone! While the UK prepares this week for a second national lockdown, it’s also a time for deep reflection about our futures. As families struggle, plans are cancelled, and job losses increase, we know that relationships will be strained – some to the point of break-up – and further financial hardship looms on the horizon. We need God more than ever to refresh, revive and renew us in this season of constant change and instability. Because we know Jesus, we know a world ruled by hope – not fear. The programmes and activities we’ve got lined for the remainder of this year are designed to inspire hope and spiritual renewal, starting with this month’s sermon series.

Reboot & Start Afresh November Sermon Series 

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Each day we face challenges and opportunities, and sometimes become entangled with secularism, materialism, and narcissism. This 4-week series will emphasize the importance of starting over with Christ and beginning the process of spiritual transformation, exposing you to real grace, genuine compassion and divine forgiveness. Please join us each Sabbath by tuning in and invite friends and families.  Use this as a form of media evangelism. See the full programme of speakers and topics.

Virtual Communion 

We are thinking of hosting a virtual communion service and considering the logistical issues involved. As soon as a solution is found, I will communicate with you as to how you can participate. Our challenge is working out the many ways we can reach all members. 

In-person Wednesday Midday Prayer Meetings 

We were planning to conduct an in-person Wednesday midday Prayer Meeting but the new dictates from the government regarding a national lockdown is raising some logistical challenges. Therefore, we will be postponing this until after 2 December when the lockdown is hopefully lifted.   

Plant Based Online Cook-along Classes 

New Walking and Cycling Club

Virtual Children & Youth Programmes

Children’s worship and devotion continues each Sabbath at 9:45am – 11:00am, Kindergarten at 10:30am – 10:50am, and a quiz at 12:30pm. Contact team leader, Lee White on 07944884154 for Zoom details. 

Youth Bible Study continues every second week at 8pm on Fridays. This month will feature the following presenters:

6 November – Elder Myrin Hall

20 November – Siann Millanaise

Festival of Sound 2020 International Concert – 19 December

December Baptisms

A New Way for Women to Connect

Selhurst Food Bank Donations 

Pastoral Care and Support

Look out for my next update in early December, God's willing.
Pastor Royston Smith