Pastor Royston’s Monthly Update


february 2021

Welcome to February, a month filled with love despite the despairing and depressing news. The government continues to stress that the new COVID-19 variants are more transmissible and more deadly. So many people are anxious about the virus and are uncertain about taking the vaccine. The Bible teaches, ‘And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light’ (Luke 16:8). God’s children need to block out fake news and the noises and think for themselves.  Individually, we need to pray and allow God to lead our decision. Regardless of the challenges God is still ultimately responsible for our lives.

I hope you can join us for the spiritually enriched and exciting range of programmes, activities, and initiatives we’ve got lined for February and beyond.

How to Live In End Times – February Sermon Series

This month we’ll be focusing on the theme of How to Live in End Times. Clearly, the things that are happening around us are pointing to the soon return of Jesus. More than ever before, modelling Jesus is critical as he is our inspiration and guide. As Christians we are called to break up our fallow ground and live authentic Christian lives as we prepare for His second coming. Our worship should reflect an urgent call to righteous living. How is your worship life during these pivotal moment in earth’s history? As we face pandemics and disaster in these last days, of what significance is God’s will in relation to how we live? Join us and be drawn closer to God.

Children’s Day – 20 February

Join us from 11:30am for an exciting programme led by our boys and girls, based on the theme: “God bless the Internet.” Intrigued? Please tune in to support the children on their day, inviting family and friends to watch with their young ones.

Following Divine Service join us for a Kahoot’s Bible quiz (two devices will be required) on Zoom at 1:00pm. (Login: 7021147842 | Password: 364658).

The day will then culminate in an online Children’s Talent Show at 3pm-4pm, featuring music, poetry, arts and much more. You can look forward to a creative and inspirational afternoon full of praise and worship!

Youth Bible Friday Fix – 6 & 20 February | 7:30pm

If you’re a youth, this is a great way for you to come together with other youth via Zoom to study the Bible, pray and make sure that everyone is thoroughly supported.  Join in dynamic and spiritually uplifting discussions on a range of topics. To get Zoom details, please contact either Siann (07950241792) or Elder Myrin (07450223707).

Business Meeting – 21 February | 11:00am

Join us for our first Business Meeting of the year. We will discuss the church’s strategic vision, church re-opening, and the Budget for 2021. Please register to receive Zoom details by 8pm, 20 February.

Children’s Sabbath Worship

Each Sabbath morning and other scheduled dates Croydon’s children meet to play, pray and worship God. This month their focus will be learning about the beauty of heaven, the dangers of hell and the roles of angels. The programmes are insightful, education and godly.  Please call Children’s Ministry leader, Lee White (07944884154) to obtain the Zoom details.

New community activity Classes

As we look ahead to the end of lockdown, I would like our church to become a beehive of community activities. Therefore, I am encouraging you to register your interest in attending a variety of classes, such as sewing, natural product making, fitness etc. 

March Baptisms

We are planning to have a baptism on the 20 March which you will be able to view online. Please pray for those who are committing themselves to God. Support them with your prayers and in any other practical ways.

Virtual Communion Service

We will have a Holy Communion Service in March. We will deliver the bread and the wine to as many of our senior members as possible whilst the more able will be expected to collect theirs from church either the Tuesday or Wednesday before the Communion Service. More details to follow.

Plant Based Online Cook-along Classes 2021

Back again by popular demand, we’re offering free online cook-along classes, starting from 18 March. Register on Eventbrite. Invite your friends and family to join in.

Bible Worker Training

We would like to train our members as Disciples Makers. We are looking at starting the classes the first week in May. You will learn Jesus’ method of ministry. The classes aim to develop you spiritually, build up your confidence in making friends, and sharing the gospel in a simple but profound way. Spaces are limited so don’t delay registering your interest.