Pastor Royston Smith


astor Royston Smith is married with one daughter and has been living and working in the United Kingdom for 20 years. He is a qualified teacher with a B.A and M.A degree in Pastoral Administration and Theological Studies, respectively and is training to be a qualified person-centered counsellor.  Prior to his ordination Pastor Royston served as a chaplain and religious education teacher. Pastor Royston’s passions are community engagement, planning spiritual interactive events, preaching and teaching bible-centered sermons, evangelism and re-energizing the Adventism identity and ideal within the churches he pastors. His wife, Sherine is a trained Occupational Therapy, whose support and wisdom are invaluable to his ministry. Their only child, Annaliese, enjoys singing, swimming and reading.

Pastor Royston sees Christ primarily as our therapist and restorer, one whose footsteps need to be followed, and habits emulated.

He recognises that his prayer life, totally depends on the Holy Spirit, and his attitude to the word of God is critical to his own spiritual strength and his ability to minister to others. With this in mind, Pastor Royston aims for each sermon he delivers to be a deep reflection of God in his own life or that of the community in which he ministers. He believes that spirituality must be developed in terms of what God seeks for him, his family and the community despite the constant wrestle with societal impacts, family demands, and personal distractions which can hinder the process. However, his mission is to model Christ, mentor others to love Christ and to minister to both the church and the communities in which he serves to commit to Christ.

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