Summer Festival of Sound: Just Praise

Event details

  • 19/06/2021
  • 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Watch online

Join us for an evening of diverse, rich vocals from two groups, singing individually and together as one group. With a year and a half of restrictions and lockdowns, the theme “Just Praise!” was chosen to reflect the fact that in spite of what is going on, we do not need to lose our ability to express our gratitude and honour.  It’s a call to keep going, maintaining a spirit of hope and faith rather than a spirit of fear.

The songs will reflect themes of encouragement, faith, joy, solitude, appreciation of the beauty of the earth – relevant themes for these times – in a mix of traditional and contemporary gospel and worship music, spirituals, hymn arrangements, all presented in an engaging way. 

Our Fundraiser

This year we’re raising funds for the people of St Vincent & the Grenadines who have been devastated and displaced by the La Soufrière Volcano, which erupted in April 2021. Your support is needed more than ever. Continued eruptions from the La Soufrière Volcano bring a need for immediate disaster relief and trauma counseling for months and years to come.  We are accepting donations now.

Learn more about the St Vincent Volcano Disaster

Key Facts:

  1. 20,000 people have been displaced (the total population is 110,000); all are facing serious food and water challenges.
  2. The ash kills vegetation (food) and contaminates rivers, which are the primary sources of water.
  3. Water is rationed and running out.
  4. Experts suggest that it may be two years before many can return to what remains of their homes.
  5. Approximately 30 villages have been evacuated.
  6. Some 3,500 people are in 85 shelters.
  7. School buildings operate as shelters and are beyond capacity,
  8. There have been 32 explosive eruptions as of 23 April. Experts suggest that the volcanic activity could go on for months  or up to a year.
  9. Ash has fallen on the island of Barbados (119 miles away) and is traveling farther –  even to Africa.
  10. Many areas are experiencing no electricity and will for months to come.

Our Performers

From The Heart

From The Heart is a female trio, comprising of Debra Burton (Soprano) Maureen Simpson (Soprano) and Tessa Ifill (Alto), known for their passionate delivery, and rich blend. They are often seen and heard leading worship in church services.

Tessa Ifill, Maureen Simpson, and Debra Burton have been singing together since they were teenagers, growing up at Croydon SDA church. They have been lifelong friends who have been together through thick and thin. They have a deep love for each other, Gospel music and more importantly God.


Their love for music started at home, growing up in a Seventh-day Adventist household. Daily family worship and going to church each Sabbath has allowed that love and appreciation of music to grow. All three are currently members of the Croydon SDA Gospel choir. Although they love a wide range of genres of music, gospel music is truly at the heart of what they sing.

The group, From the Heart was started in 1999. They believe that when they sing, the messages of the songs should flow out of your heart. Although they have never recorded their own album, they have been a part of many recordings for the Croydon SDA Gospel Choir and others. They have performed on national television as part of the choir. They love using their talent to praise God and will continue to do so as they believe this is their ministry to witness and spread the Good News of Jesus! 

The Dixon, Burton & Billett Baritones


With international performances in America and Europe, Dixon, Burton, and Billett, often referred to as the ‘The Three Basses’ comprises Everol Dixon, Ken Burton and David Billett, who have a unique sound: a gospel meets classical fusion, delivered occasionally using mildly choreographed performances, designed to make the songs meaningful. 


In each performance, they aim to bring clarity, fresh meaning and appreciation to the  listener.  The trio have performed in the United States and Europe to audiences of thousands and 2020 will see them performing in several more countries. The trio have an EP called Power In The Blood, which will be in production with a new album release in 2020. All three are solo vocalists in their own right, and are part of the Croydon SDA Gospel Choir which inspired their formation. Director, Ken Burton will feature on BBC1 Songs of Praise on 22 and 29 December as the conductor of the Songs of Praise Big Sing.