Fear Not

Fear Not – Part I

By Pastor Royston Smith Though not naturally a fearful person, the events of the past few months have severely dented my confidence. I am often deemed optimistic; yet I find myself preparing for the worst. I am fretful about my life, my age, my only child, the state of the world and what the next few...

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Blue and white clouds background with title Preparing for Eternity in bold white lettering

Preparing for Eternity

By Jenniffer Mann . Living in a cottage, we suffer dreadfully with the heat during the summer. At times, I found myself likening the experience to sitting in a sauna for extended periods, with little respite.  During the winter, you would be forgiven for thinking that we retain heat but...

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What Is Real Anymore?

By Pastor Alex Mareniuc It was around 3 months ago that China informed the World Health Organisation that they have identified a new virus that has been passed on to humans from animals. The Chinese authorities were reporting every day an increase in the number of infections. They locked down cities,...

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