How Do I Repent?

By Jenniffer Mann, Communications Team I recently had a conversation with someone who directly asked me the question, ‘How do I repent?’  If I’m honest, my immediate thought was to rehash something I’ve read, heard in a sermon or watched on line because I wanted to sound erudite and articulate. I did...

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Drop a Pin

📍 By Julia Gervais Just around the corner, up little more, go straight straight straight, until you come to a fork in the road, then turn down. Little more and you’ll see a donkey tied to the mango tree. Continue until you see a big white house with a red...

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Fear Not

Fear Not – Part I

By Pastor Royston Smith Though not naturally a fearful person, the events of the past few months have severely dented my confidence. I am often deemed optimistic; yet I find myself preparing for the worst. I am fretful about my life, my age, my only child, the state of the world and what the next few...

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Brown signpost with title, Finding Your Purpose Part Two against a cloudy background

Finding Your Purpose – Part II

By Pastor Royston Smith A purpose driven life is a productive life. It leads to our holistic wellbeing – social, mental, physical and spiritual.  One school of thought suggests that this is a combination of nature and nurture: genetic inheritance and the environmental influence. Being aware of one’s purpose enables one to live an impactful life.  Finding your purpose makes for a much more fulfilled life.  This can seem an...

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Woman with hand in hair in distress. Title up article, I messed up to her right

I Messed Up

By Jenniffer Mann . If you’re anything like me, you’re probably more proficient at making mistakes than you would care to admit.  None of us like to think that we messed up but the truth of the matter is we are all guilty of messing up, sometimes badly.  It can...

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The Necessity of Prayer

By Felicien Ekoume One of the greatest dangers that we Christians put ourselves in, is the neglect of prayer. We may sometimes become comfortable when things are going fine in our lives, so much so that prayer is barely thought of. And even when prayer comes to our mind, we are too lazy...

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