Taste It Before Sharing

By Pastor Royston
“I don’t care; I’m just telling it like it is! Why should it matter? It's the truth. They need to hear it! 

When we speak our focus tends to be on how we feel at that moment. Words are just letters sequentially strung together, yet they are never delivered as just that. When packaged with our tones, mannerisms and attitudes the message received is far bigger and even different to what is suggested merely by the letters.  Our emotions often get in the way of our conversations. Speech is not automatically combined with the: stop, think, taste it yourself, think again, then speak, routine.  It is important for us to reflect on the impact our written and spoken words have on our relationships; consequential thinking is a dying art. 

The words we speak subconsciously either bind us or create chasms, pushing us away from each other. Words can be sensitive and sweet, or they can be critical and crude. The words chosen in our conversations have consequences. Many of us find ourselves hurriedly sending texts, emails, or making phone calls to clarify/retract words that were spoken/typed/written in a rush (with the hope of mending relationships thus damaged). Many fractured relationships occur because our ‘words precede/replace our thinking.’ Relationships, as solid as they may be also frail and fragile. Thus, we find ourselves chasing others to repair relationships which our words have shattered.  

Here is the rule: think, reflect, speak. 

There was something about the words of Jesus. He thought before he spoke. Following His method produces transformation. Doing the opposite creates stagnation. Living by His word makes us become like Christ. The contrary pulls us farther from Him. Words spoken in faith, in the Name of Jesus, have awesome power to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and build shattered and broken relationships.  

They were amazed at his teaching because his words had authority - Luke 4:32

Think of the power of Jesus’ word as a sledgehammer. It can strike home a nail. It can destroy barriers. When Jesus spoke words all types of positive things happened, and all forms of obstacles and adversaries were beaten and broken down. We can testify of being depressed and desperate, but after looking at, listening to, or speaking the word of Jesus we became filled with hope, comfort, and encouragement. God’s words bring about transformation. 

The Word of Jesus gives us power. 

Authoritative, powerful, that even the evil spirits obeyed.  So commanding and persuasive were they that the wind quieted. These words breathe life into a dead situation. Our words will have power and authority only when we speak like Jesus did. This power is be based on Jesus’ Word, not on our dress, diet, or doctrines. “The life of Christ was a life of humble simplicity, yet how infinitely exalted was his mission. Christ is our example in all things. 
Ellen G. White” 

Reflect on these statements:
  • The words that come out of our mouths create the reality we inhabit. 
  • The words we speak reflect our values and beliefs 
  • The words we speak will influence the way others see us