Youth of today: Leaders of tomorrow

The teen years mark a key transitional stage in life. Moving from childhood to adulthood is an upheaval! but God uses times of change to bring great growth. That’s where the Youth Ministries team comes alongside parents—helping young men and women know God intimately, read His Word accurately, share and defend their faith, serve others, and develop deep relationships.

Connecting points for youth

The Croydon Youth (CY) Project is a varied youth programme, combining music, discussion forums, drama, workshops, seminars, and retreats with praise and Bible study. We also discuss the day-to-day challenges of being a Christian, and it’s a great chance to share experiences and encourage one another.

Bible Study

The youth come together  to study the Bible, pray, and support one another.  Join in a dynamic discussion on topics including: ‘cancel culture’, relationships and Bible prophecy in relation to the times we’re living in!

Youth Blogs

To get a flavour of what happens during Youth Church, check out our blogs.

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Youth Choir

We have an exceptional Croydon Youth Choir. To learn more, visit our music page.

Resource Hub

Check out the resource hub! There’s something for everyone at a time when we need all the support and encouragement we can. We hope the resources provided here will keep you spiritually strong and healthy!

Pathfinder Club is an active way for 10 to 15 year olds to learn more about God, while also developing key life skills. Our Club is committed to understanding and training its members in leadership and service. We want to give them opportunities to work together and learn lessons of organisation and resourcefulness.

Club members get to take part in a wide range of activities, including arts, outdoor activities and team games. We also help members learn and develop skills such as drumming, and we take trips to visit with the elderly. We believe in encouraging our young people, so we award honours in recognition of achievements made within Pathfinders Club. Our Club Sessions operate two to three times a month. For all enquires please contact Croydon Pathfinder Club.

We usually have several exciting events planned for the year, which includes:

  • Team building challenge
  • Bank Holiday camping trip
  • Pathfinder Camporee – An international camping trip with clubs from all around Europe
  • Community service
  • Visiting the elderly
  • Community march
  • Drilling, drumming & marching boot camp
Croydon SDA Church’s Teens Ministry provides a forum where young people can talk openly about God without feeling they are being judged and they also are able to grow through the study of the word of God. We aim to help teens know God, to hear God’s Word, and to respond appropriately to it.

We will be relentless in our pursuit to live passionately for God, to love and serve teens with the passion that only God can ignite in each of us through the Holy Spirit. This is who we are!

Teens have their own weekly Sabbath School lesson, and we encourage you to study so you’re prepared for class. The lessons are available online at and they are specifically structured to help you understand the Bible and relate it to your own life.

We teach the weekly lesson study in an exciting and fulfilling way. This involves:

  • Greeting teens at the door and ensuring they feel at home
  • Organising class potlucks and social events
  • Visiting assigned students and families in their homes
  • Relating to teens/parents in a loving and respectful manner
  • Noting missing members and encouraging them to come back to class
  • Calling our teens during the week to encourage and pray with them
  • Looking for opportunities to encourage our teens to accept Jesus