“Come let us sing for joy to the Lord…” Psalm 95:1-3

Music ministry is an integral part of Croydon SDA Church and over the years we have become widely known as a musical church that boasts three choirs, as well as several groups and soloists.

Our choirs are open to anyone with some musical ability who would like to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. There are also opportunities for smaller groups of talented singers/musicians to perform special items and lead the church in song each Sabbath. If you’re interesting in performing please contact the Music Ministries department at: [email protected] to be scheduled.

Our purpose

The purpose of music ministry at Croydon SDA is to give praise and glory to God. Music is an important tool other than the spoken word in bringing people closer to God and helping those that are seeking to know the Lord. The Music Ministries Department believe in not only serving our church, but also our community. Look out for our Festival of Sound concerts, which are held throughout the year, by visiting our events page.

Gospel Banner

The Croydon SDA Gospel Choir has enjoyed many years of delivering soul-stirring music on television, radio, recordings, and live performances in a wide variety of venues. The Croydon SDA Gospel Choir has not been content to just be another gospel choir. It sees its mission as reaching out to as many people as possible. Much of its repertoire is written by its director, Ken Burton, who is a public figure in the choral world as a conductor, and performer.

This means that repertoire is tailor-made to the choir’s sound and composition. The choir has set up its own independent record label, CGC Music, which has produced its catalogue of CD recordings. The choir has also made regular appearances on BBC’s flagship programme, Songs Of Praise and has performed on several occasions for the British monarchy, including two royal gala performances.

The choir sees its mission as being completely uncompromising in the expression of its faith. For more information about Croydon SDA Gospel Choir visit their website at: www.croydonsdagospelchoir or email: [email protected].


We aim to lead young people to understand their individual worth and discover and develop their spiritual gifts and abilities. This involves equipping and empowering young people for a life of service in the community and in God’s church. Rehearsals are usually held on the first, second and fourth Friday of every month between 7:00pm and 9:00pm.

There’s always a buzz of activity as we participate in vocal warm-ups, sing-alongs, rehearse performances, share experiences, encourage one another, and have Bible discussions. If you are interested in joining the Youth Choir, come along to a few of the rehearsals. This allows you to gain an understanding of how it works and what to expect, who the members are and talk to the leaders.

The most important thing we are looking for is potential – don’t be put off if you haven’t done much singing before. After you have decided, you’ll either have a one-to-one or two leaders.

Have questions?

Contact Croydon SDA Youth Choir at: [email protected]



We encourage our Church Choir members to express themselves and praise God through the learning and singing of good old favourite hymns and spirituals.  We believe that the hymns of years gone by should not be lost, and we enjoy reviving some of the most cherished and favourite selections. In doing so, we are offering praise and lifting the name of Jesus.

Additionally, our coming together strengthens fellowship among the members who are from varied backgrounds and age groups. Most people have a song in their heart and the desire to express it.  We strive to unleash the musical potential of each member. New members are always welcome.