Bible Reading Plan

Research shows that most people professing faith in Jesus have never completely read the Bible. Many people start reading the Bible but then become overwhelmed by the number of chapters (1,189) and verses (31,102).

We’re always looking for meaningful ways to help you spend time with God daily. Whether you’re a Croydon SDA Church member or visitor, we’ve created a monthly Bible Reading Plan to help get you started (including some tips below). It is hoped that they will help encourage at least weekly (if not daily) reading of God’s word.  

December 2022 Reading

w/c 01 Dec  1 Samuel Chapters 1-7

w/c 04 Dec 1 Samuel Chapters 8-14

w/c 11 Dec   1 Samuel Chapters 15-21

w/c 18 Dec  1 Samuel Chapters 22-25

w/c 25 Dec  1 Samuel Chapters 26-31

November 2022 Reading

w/c 01 Nov Ruth Chapter 1

w/c 07 Nov Ruth Chapter 2

w/c 14 Nov  Ruth Chapter 3

w/c 21 Nov  Ruth Chapter 4

October 2022 Reading

w/c 01 Oct Judges Chapters 1-5

w/c 09 Oct Judges Chapters 6-11

w/c 16 Oct Judges Chapters 12-17

w/c 23 Oct Judges Chapters 18-21

w/c 28 Aug Deuteronomy Chapters 29 to 34

Tips on Reading the Bible

Other ways to study the Bible

In addition to our Bible Study Plan, we also have other ways to study the Bible.

These Bible readings will also form the basis of a monthly Bible Quiz.