Nurture & Discipleship

Be a part of equipping individuals, families and small groups to grow as followers of Christ.

Ministry Descriptions

Sabbath School Department

The purpose of the Sabbath School is to make disciples for Christ by nurturing spiritual growth in members and prospective members, as well as the unchurched. The Sabbath School exists not only to minister to its members, but to train those members to minister to others. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent and team to oversee the entire Sabbath School, coordinating the various divisions and ensuring that all are functioning efficiently. This includes planning special programmes and ensuring Sabbath School teachers are properly trained and equipped to teach. The Sabbath School Secretary and Assistants are responsible for administration — ordering materials such as quarterlies, distributing materials to leaders and teachers, taking minutes of meetings, collecting Sabbath School offerings, and keeping a record of Sabbath school attendance.

Prayer Ministries

Do you enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life who are reaching out for prayer and encouragement? This role is for you! Listen to and pray for others and help nurture people's prayer lives! We receive prayer requests from the church website, our YouTube audience, prayer line, and our weekly prayer meetings. The Prayer Team leader with the help of the team, develop and organise ways to intentionally pray for the needs of the church and community, share prayer requests amongst themselves to be prayed over, and plan prayer vigils/retreats. All team members must maintain strict confidentiality in regards to information given, as appropriate.

Social & Recreation Team

Life is not meant to be lived alone. We value social interactions as a way of building and nurturing relationships with one another. Are you good at planning and producing events that have a touch of beauty, quality and creativity? This role is for you! The Social & Recreation Team is responsible for all social and recreational activities of the church internally and externally. Events can include annual church outings, regular socials, games nights, quiz nights, banquets, sports, nature walks, museum visits, and picnics in the park. Each event requires hosting and a lot of errands, such as arranging catering, preparing food, planning transport, purchases of supplies, setup of furniture and equipment, creation of decorations and handouts, and many other preparations. The leader and members of the Social & Recreation Team are all expected to share in these tasks.

Small Groups

Are you skilled at making people of all backgrounds feel welcome? Are you passionate about gathering people around a common activity, passion, purpose, or stage of life? If this sounds like you, don’t wait. Sign up to host a small group and change someone’s world. As one of several small group leaders, you will focus on providing and facilitating a community where people can connect, grow, heal, and/or serve. A Small Group is a group of around four to twelve people who gather regularly online or in person. In a group you’ll hang out, discuss a common interest, study the Word, and pray together. Small groups can come in all shapes and sizes — men, women, married couples, singles, parents, the bereaved, under 20, over 40, over 60 — the list goes on. Our current Small Groups include a bi-monthly Bible Book Club, monthly Women’s Forum, and fortnightly Youth Bible Study.

Family Ministries

The Family Ministries Department seeks to strengthen, inspire homes and bring healing to married couples, families and individuals through the abundant love and saving grace of Jesus Christ. This involves working in cooperation with other church leaders to implement a range of family life programmes for couples, single persons, single parents, children, teens, young adults, mature adults, etc. The team also work with the pastor to survey the needs of the church, finding out which topics are of interest to the church. The leader(s) and team members must maintain appropriate confidentiality and know when and how to encourage individuals in critical situations to seek professional counselling.

Further Information

If you will like more detailed information about a ministry, you may find the Advent Source Ministry Quick Start Guides useful. Alternatively you can contact us to speak with a Ministry Leader.