The Fight for Your Life

By Pastor Jesse.

I was once told that life is a series of choices. A series of decisions to be made. How we view life however, has the power to impact the choices that we make. There’s a story of man in the bible called Jacob who found himself wrestling with God. 

It’s important to note that Jacob did not initiate the fight, yet he’s forced to wrestle, and the bible says he wrestled with him until the breaking of day. This is powerful considering, that Jacob was engaged in a struggle with God all night. Perhaps you’ve been there? A place or a situation in your life where you have been wrestling, and struggling with God. A struggle of faith, a struggle over your life choices, a struggle to find purpose, a struggle with sinful habits that seemingly hold you bound. 

God seeing that Jacob was continuing to hold on, touches his hip. Understand, when someone dislocates their hip or they damage their hip joint, understand that they struggle to walk the same. One touch from God and Jacob’s hip is dislodged. One touch from God and Jacob no longer walks the same.

One touch from God and Jacob no longer walks like he used to, because one touch is all God needs to start to change the way you walk! 

Notice that, the Bible says, “and the socket of Jacob’s hip was out of joint AS He wrestled with him.” In other words, Jacob’s hip was displaced while he was still wrestling with God. After having his hip touched, he would have started to limp and walk differently, yet the bible says that he was still in his wrestle with God.

This is encouraging for you and I because it suggests that while we are still struggling in the wrestle God progressively starts to change the way that we walk so much so that Jacob isn’t willing to let go of God until He blessed him. 

God recognising the change that was taking place in Jacob’s life no longer called him by the name of his birth which meant a liar, trickster, and a deceiver. He gave him a NEW name.  

  • What are you willing to hold onto God for?
  • What keeps you in your wrestle?
  • How is God changing your walk?

Maybe you’re walking with a “limp”, be encouraged as your limp is there to remind you to lean and rest on Jesus