Catching Feelings for Christ

By Kai Barton and Immanuel Niles

Daniel 6 Summary

  • Tells the story of the satraps’ (princes) attempt to trap Daniel by making King Darius sign a decree, stating that anyone who prays to anyone other than him must be thrown into a den full of lions. Daniel, however, continues to pray to God at his window facing Jerusalem for all to see. 

  • King Darius discovers that he has been tricked, but due to being a man of his word he reluctantly throws Daniel in the den hoping that somehow Daniel’s God would deliver him

  • Due to Daniel’s faith God protected him against the lions so that when the king returned the next day Daniel was completely unharmed. 

  • The King issued a new proclamation that everyone was to follow Daniel’s God and those who had plotted against Daniel were to be thrown into the den. 

  • This story tells the importance of faith and sticking up for what you believe in even if you can be prosecuted for doing so. The Bible warns us that there will be a time when we will once again have to choose between following the law of the world and following God’s laws. This story shows us that if we keep the faith God will continue to reward us.                                                   

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