Children & Youth Ministries

Nurture a community of children, teens and young adults who are actively pursuing a relationship with Jesus.

Ministry Descriptions

Children’s Ministry

The slogan “Each child is a disciple of Jesus” summarises our purpose. The responsibility of this department is to serve all the children of the church from age 0-14 years and to be committed to making sure that all church programmes include spiritual, social and mental growth for them. This includes providing a weekly Children’s Sabbath School and Children’s Church programme and annual Vacation Bible School they can learn from and enjoy. During these services, kids have the opportunity to read the Bible and fellowship together, so they can build a personal relationship with Jesus. As a leader or team member you will also organise special programmes for Children’s Sabbath and keep records of all pertinent information concerning the children, both of church members and guests, who are involved in your ministries. For the safety of our children, anyone working with children at Croydon SDA Church is required to have a background check and training before assuming a role. 

Pathfinders Club

Pathfinder Club is an active way for 10 to 15 year olds to learn more about God, while also developing key life skills. As a leader/team member you need to be committed to training your Pathfinders in leadership and service. You will give them opportunities to work together and learn lessons of organisation and resourcefulness. Pathfinders should also be given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities, including arts, outdoor activities and team games. You will help Pathfinders learn and develop skills such as marching and drumming, and take them camping, and on trips to visit the elderly. Our Club sessions operate two to three times a month. Background checks will be required to work with our Pathfinders.

Youth Ministry

Are you interested in serving and working alongside our youth and young adults at Croydon? Do you have a passion for ministry, and fostering the spiritual growth of the next generation? Youth Ministries (also known as the Croydon Youth (CY) Project) is the action and fellowship team for young adults in the church, providing a varied programme, combining music, discussion forums, drama, workshops, seminars, and retreats with praise and Bible study. It should be the goal of the team to involve all young people in meaningful activities which will draw them closer to Christ and train them for useful service. The Youth leader and team members need to build relationships with youth, their parents, and leaders in the church and community and become knowledgeable about youth culture. The team is also responsible for facilitating forums that offer a safe place for young adults to discuss day-to-day challenges of being a Christian. These forums are a great chance to share experiences and encourage one another.

Adventurer Club

Adventurer Club is an opportunity for children to learn about the Bible, health and fitness, nature, and people skills. As an Adventurer Club director or team member, you will be ministering to children ages 4 to 9. These young “Christians-in-training” are active, fun-loving, little people who have the capacity to truly love Jesus. You will seek to bring together staff and programming to help the children become more closely acquainted with the love of Jesus and His plans for them. This will help them acquire the habits, skills, and knowledge to live for Him in today’s world. God has ordained parents to be their primary spiritual leaders, and you will seek to include and support them in every way you can through the Adventurer Club. Anyone working with children at Croydon SDA Church is required to have a background check and training before assuming a role. 


Do you enjoy working with young people? Croydon SDA Church’s Teens Ministry provides a forum where young people can talk openly about God without feeling they are being judged and they also are able to grow through the study of the word of God. We aim to help teens know God, to hear God’s Word, and to respond appropriately to it. Teens have their own weekly Sabbath School lesson, which you’ll be required to teach in an exciting and fulfilling way. Background checks will be required to work with our teens.

Further Information

If you will like more detailed information about a ministry, you may find the Advent Source Ministry Quick Start Guides useful. Alternatively you can contact us to speak with a Ministry Leader.