Februrary 2022 Covid-19 Update

Following the Government’s relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions on 27 January 2022, the Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church Pastoral team has agreed that certain measures will remain in place to help people feel safer when attending church in person.

We will continue joyfully worshipping God together via YouTube and Livestream but encourage you to come and join us in-person when you feel ready and comfortable. If you are particularly anxious and have questions about coming back do not hesitate to contact our Health & Safety Team at: health.safety@croydonadventist.org or please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

These arrangements are likely to remain in place until we will review them again. We hope that this helps you to know what is happening and feel safe.

Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Attending Church: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is the church open?

A. Yes, we have been open for in-person worship since 22 May 2021. Please come and participate in our live Sabbath School and Family Worship (“Divine Worship”).  Learn more about the guidelines around attending in person here.

Q. Is everybody allowed back into church?

Q. What will you do with the details of those who register to attend worship in-person?

Q. Will the church be providing us with masks, hand sanitisers, or gloves?

A. Hand sanitisers will be provided, however you will be expected to bring your own face masks. (If you are unable to obtain a mask, we have a limited number of masks available for your use.)

Q. Will the water dispenser in the Youth Hall be available?

A. Not at present. We therefore encourage you to bring your own water for the time being. 

Q. Will I be able to sing at church?

Q. Can I greet others by shaking hands, embracing or cheek kissing?

Q. Can I socialise/mingle with others between services?

Q. Are there any other restrictions in place about how many people can be in one room at a time?

A. No. Meeting rooms are now open, however we suggest that you ensure that there is proper ventilation.

Q. How often will the church be updated on the guidelines?

A. Going forward, at each point that the Government updates their roadmap, we will aim to review and update our guidelines soon after.

Q. How many services will we be having each Sabbath?

A. We are having one Worship Service each Sabbath.

Q. What time will Sabbath School and Divine Service be held?

A. Sabbath School will start at 9:30am and Family Worship (“Divine Service”) will start at 11:15 am. 

Q. Will Adult Sabbath School classes resume in-person?

A. We are currently providing a fusion of the online Sabbath School and those attending in person. While individual classes have not yet resumed, for those attending church in person, we are inviting you to be part of the congregation and participate in Sabbath School by asking questions and offering comments. Sabbath School continues to be an interactive and online service for those not able to attend in person. 

Q. Can I use the kitchen facilities during Sabbath?

A.  No. The kitchen will be closed during services. We will regularly review this policy and update you when it changes.

Q. Will the church be providing lunch?

Q. Can I bring my lunch and share with others at church?

A. Not at present. This is under review and will resume when our Health and Safety Team decide it is safe to do so.

Q. Can I bring snacks for my child?

A. Yes. 

Q. Will the water dispenser in the Youth Hall be available?

A. Not at present. We therefore encourage you to bring your own water until this is reviewed again. 

Q. When the church is re-opened can I bring my toddler to church, in light of the new restrictions in place?

A. Parents with toddlers should still feel free to attend church despite the restrictions.

Q. Will there be a Children’s Church or Sabbath School?

A. In-person children’s services have now resumed but kids can still join in a variety of activities via Zoom on Saturdays. We provide quizzes, prayer, worship and Bible study. Contact Children’s Ministry leader, Tessa Saul on 07949 587 210  or email children@croydonadventist.org for Zoom details.

Q. Will there be Youth or Teens’ Sabbath School?

A. Youth/Teen Sabbath Schools classes are now being held both in church and online. We’re also conducting Bible studies and Youth Church programmes via Zoom. Find out more here.

Q. Are we able to have Communion in-person? 

A. Yes, we are having a fusion of in-person and virtual Communion Services. For those taking communion virtually, we can provide the emblems (unleavened bread and grape juice) for you to collect from the church nearer the time. Our next Communion Service will be advertised on our Events page.

Q. Are we able to have baptisms?

A. Yes, these have resumed. Please contact us if you will like to take this next step. 

Q. Can we have a child dedicated?

A. Yes, these have resumed. Please contact us to schedule your child dedication.

Q. What about Wednesday midday and evening Prayer Meetings?

Q. Will the Community Friendship Club, Racquet Club & Cooking Classes restart any time soon?

A. Yes, the Racquet Club has started on Mondays at 6pm. The other clubs will follow in due course. In the meantime, we have other community activities available online – all free: Bible Book ClubYouth Friday Fix, Women’s Forum and Make Your Own Natural Products Workshop. Look out for more community events on our Events page.

Q. What about other social activities?

A. We are have now resumed church socials for moderately sized groups. 

Q. What about the Community Kitchen and Foodbank?

A. The Community Kitchen and Foodbank continue to operate under strict COVID-19 rules every Tuesday at 6pm – 7:30pm. We will consider whether we can re-introduce the sit-down meals sometime in the future.

Send us your questions/comments

If you have any further questions or comments about these FAQs, we would love to hear from you. Email us at health.safety@croydonadventist.org or complete the form below.