5 Days to Wellness: Healthy Lifestyle Programme

Event details

  • Monday | 03/09/2018 to Friday | 07/09/2018
  • 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Croydon SDA Church, 95 Selhurst Road, London, SE25 6LH
  • 07947 090 562

Diabetes? High blood pressure? Indigestion? Weight management?

Come and let’s live healthier and happier with lifestyle intervention!

A 5 day programme of practical training, education and support in building healthy lifestyle habits and optimal health! Each day will involve:

  • Two tasty and nutritious meals
  • Interactive cooking classes
  • Health lectures
  • Natural remedy workshops
  • Exercise sessions and more…

Why attend

Chronic, non-infectious disease accounts for a whopping 89% of deaths in the UK… and for a large proportion of them, it is the small habits we build every day which put us most at risk! But the good news is, as we replace our bad habits with good ones, many of our conditions can be prevented, managed and even REVERSED!

5 Days to Wellness is an informative and interactive programme designed to empower you to take charge of your health and illnesses through healthy plant-based eating and invigorating lifestyle habits.

Over the course of the week we will be focusing on the underestimated principals of:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Fresh air
  • Moderation
  • Healthy relationships

These principals which have proven successful in impacting many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances and many more.

Here’s a preview of what each day of our wellness programme will include:

Hearty Breakfast and Lunch Buffet

Enjoy two delicious and satisfying vegan meals each day, and in the process learn how creative and varied vegan meals can be, contrary to popular opinion.

Interactive Plant-based Cooking Classes

Get your hands stuck in as we learn the best substitutes to cheeses, dairy and meat and get creative as we learn how to make scrumptious and healthy meals to benefit our mind and body. This session will be lead by skilled vegan chefs and Autism nutritionist, Angelette Muller.

Health Lectures

Get ready to explore exactly how our body responds to how we treat it and how to tell true health news from the fake. As we look into the latest scientific discoveries and age old principals, you will be equipped to critically examine the wealth of health information that exists. Some of the titles include:

  • The unrefuted steps to lasting health
  • What’s right with my hamburger?
  • What my body actually does with food
  • Emotional Intelligence and Peak Mental Health
  • Building long-lasting habits

Natural Remedy and Practical Workshops

Did you know that cabbage in your fridge could help with your inflamed knee, or the ginger in your fruit bowl could hold back the nausea? Join us for workshops in:

  • Your Kitchen First Aid Kit
  • Balanced and cost-effective meal planning
  • Savvy supermarket label readings
  • The power of charcoal and more…

Testimonials, Giveaways, Top Tips and more

Hear from individuals whose chronic lifestyle diseases have been reversed and experienced a richer quality of life as a result of following certain health principals. Each day attentive attendees have the chance to build their health resources as we share the latest DVDs, books and cooking utensils.

Price: £15

Places are limited. Reserve your place now by purchasing your ticket below (via Eventbrite).

On arrival you should have already completed the online registration form as part of your pre-arrival steps. We look forward to seeing you!