Encountering Hope Sermon Series

Event details

  • 07/01/2023
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Watch online or visit Croydon SDA Church, 95 Selhurst Road, South Norwood, London, SE25 6LH, UK

We are living in uncertain and perilous times. Each day we are unsure about what will take place next. Hope is all we have. That hope comes about as we connect with God and his Word. As a church – as individuals, do we give hope? Do we inspire hope?

Join us this January and February as we explore the Bible and the hope it gives to a dying world.

You can also watch online

February Service


04 February

Sermon Topic: How to Get Rid of Your Guilt


Speaker: Elder Leslene Peat-Brown


Summary: Sometimes we wrestle with the guilt of past mistakes and struggle to forgive ourselves. Peter after denying Jesus also struggled with guilt but was restored by Jesus. Will you allow Jesus to restore you?

11 February

Sermon Topic: Born Again


Speaker: Pastor Jesse Samuel


Summary: We cannot choose the family, environment, social class we are born into. The story of Nicodemus demonstrates the importance of being born of both the water and the Spirit. Christ gives us the opportunity to be born again. Have you been born again?

18 February

Sermon Topic: Knowing is not Enough


Speaker: Pastor Royston Smith


Summary: The five foolish virgins knew about the coming of the bridegroom but were not prepared. Are you prepared to meet Jesus?

25 February

Sermon Topic: Displaced Mercy

Guest Speaker: Pastor Jesse Samuel

Summary: We all wrestle with different challenges in our lives. We often pray that the struggle will be over but have you ever wondered whether God sometimes wrestles with us to keep us connected to Him? 


04 February
4PM  | Discovery Bible Study Program


The Bible must be read, understood, lived, and shared. How do you do that with family and friends in a non-threatening way?  Join us in person for this simple but profound way by use of the Discovery Bible Study Program.

11 February
4PM  | The Big Issues: Real Response


Programme Series: I’m Not Worried, Just Concerned


Join us as Pastor Kavaloh discusses the SDA Church, Gender-Self Identification and Government Legislation. This will be a live Q&A session facilitated by the Croydon Religious Liberty Team.

Venue: Church Sanctuary

18 February
4PM | Retro AYS

Led by the Social Team, come and relive the good old days with sing-alongs, poetry, and morning watch recitals!  Venue: Church Sanctuary

25 February
4PM | Adventurer & Pathfinder Induction

Our Adventurer and Pathfinder induction service is where our new adventurers, pathfinders, and instructors will be inducted into the Croydon SDA Pathfinder Club for this year.

This service also marks the start of our Pathfinder year, which is always promised to be filled with fun, new learning opportunities and discoveries, as we put God first in all that we do.

Our aim is to be a servant to God and a friend to man and preach the advent message to all the world in our generation. Venue: Church Sanctuary