The Addiction of Pride: Sermon Series

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  • 10/06/2023
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Watch online or visit Croydon SDA Church, 95 Selhurst Road, South Norwood, London, SE25 6LH, UK

Addiction goes beyond drugs, alcohol and other vices. It can plague us in many other ways too. Many Christians have an addiction that we are unaware of. No matter how we are pray, fast, and read scripture, pride has infested many of us. Often, as Christians we do not recognise that our actions and attitude are bordering on sinful pride. We think and act in ways that show us better than God and/or the people around us. 

Join us this June as we examine the addictive effect of pride and how we can get rid of the hold it has on us.

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June Programme


03 June

Sermon Topic: The Dangers of Pride 

Speaker: Pastor Royston Smith

Summary: Lucifer was created by God. He had power, position, and prestige. Still, he wasn’t satisfied and want more; he wanted to be God. Pride entered his heart and the rest is history. This message explores the eternal consequences of pride.  

10 June
Music Day

Sermon Topic: Praise Is Enough

Speaker: Pastor Jesse Samuel

Summary: The people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir colluded to fight against Jehosaphat and God’s people. Filled with pride, they assumed they would overcome God’s people. Jehosaphat called on the Lord and fought the enemy with praise to God (2 Chronicles 20:21–24).  Learn how Spirit-filled praise can be used to overcome unhealthy pride. 

17 June
Communion Service

Sermon Topic: Sanctified Pride

Speaker: Pastor Royston Smith

Summary: Simon was so full of himself that he questioned Jesus’ acceptance of a stained woman. He forgot to take the beam out of his own eyes before seeking to remove the speck from hers.

24 June
Prayer & Praise Day

Sermonette Topic: The Stupidity of Pride

Speakers: Elio Vinoles, Elder Claudia Panaitescu & Sapphire Gordon 

Summary: Samson was so strong that he forgot the source of his strength. He was so consumed by pride that he lost his strength, his sight and freedom. How does our strength become a blessing rather than a burden and keep us connected to Him? 


03 June
4PM  |  Discovery Bible Study Program 

The Bible must be read, understood, lived, and shared. How do you do that with family and friends in a non-threatening way?  Join us in person for this simple but profound way by use of the Discovery Bible Study Program.

10 June
5PM | Music Day: Praise 24/7

If you’ve never had real challenges, this programme is not for you. Maybe you know someone who has. Join us as we take the journey through the tough times to a life of praise , enjoying beautiful music along the way. Praise God in the good times or bad..because praise is what we do.

Venue: Church Sanctuary & online

17 June
4PM |  Sabbath School Outdoors

The Sabbath School team is inviting you to join them in Streatham Common Park to study the Sabbath School Quarterly for the week ahead, weather permitting. Learn more

Venue: Streatham Common Play Ground 

24 June
5PM | Ask the Doctor

Got questions about diet, lifestyle diseases, or stress? Why not join our friendly lifestyle doctor, Dr Chidi as he shares expert advice, busts medical myths, and discusses natural healing, all based on your questions which you can submit in advance. Learn more

Venue: Church Sanctuary & Online