Outreach & Mission

Help address urgent physical and spiritual needs in our community and support missions.

Ministry Descriptions

Community Services

Do you have a heart for serving communities in Christ’s name? Community Services is a key tool in helping the church become visible within the community and known as an asset to the neighbourhood. The team is responsible for identifying and addressing the needs of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in our local neighbourhood, and wider community. As a team leader you will motivate, train, equip, and mobilize church members at a grassroots level in response to specific community needs. Since 2016, the Community Services team has been running the Selhurst Community Kitchen and more recently a Food Bank. As a team member, you will help with the many tasks involved, such as, setting up, managing an inventory, shopping for/collecting items for the Food Bank, cooking meals, keeping a record of what has been distributed, packing food/toiletry parcels, delivering parcels to households, praying with and getting to know those in need, and cleaning up. This isn’t just a ministry for the seniors – all age groups are welcome to come on board.

Personal Ministries (Evangelism)

Every individual in our church should be personally equipped to share the good news of salvation. Jesus’s method wasn’t a programme – it was the development of individuals who could be led by the Spirit and who could fulfil the gospel commission. If this is your passion, why not join Personal Ministries (PM) and help make that happen! The PM Department exists to help every single member to actively share their experience of having Jesus in their life by teaching members how to give Bible studies, speak about Jesus, answer questions, and make the whole life a witness to the joy of Jesus. The Department also provides resources and arranges training for church members to unite their efforts with the church officers, organises bible studies, distribution of literature, the annual ingathering ADRA campaign, and administers and promotes small group ministries. As a leader or member, you should have a passion for soul winning, be able to plan, organise, manage and evaluate outreach projects, and communicate effectively with church members, other leaders, and the community.

Guest Ministry (Greeters)

Ever been told that you’re talkative and outgoing? Do you enjoy talking to new people and learning about them? Do you love making others feel welcome? Are you skilled at making people feel welcome, no matter who they are or where they come from? If this sounds like you, then this is the team for you! Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive and answer any questions they might have. Our Guest Team works alongside our interest coordinators, focusing on ensuring that the gospel is not only heard but also experienced by everyone who walks through the doors of Croydon SDA Church. Their goal is to ensure that every guest experiences the love of God through meaningful connections, a welcoming environment, and Christian hospitality. With warm handshakes and welcoming smiles, team members look and listen for ways to help. We are seeking a team leader, deputy leader and assistants for this new ministry.

Hospitality Ministry

Our Hospitality Team works alongside our Guest Ministry team to provide opportunities for connections and friendship building over a meal for both guests and Croydon members. This ministry coordinates our bi-monthly Sabbath lunches and caters for whole church special events with fellowship over food as an integral part of the programme.

Health & Lifestyle

Are you passionate about practicing a healthy lifestyle and sharing the health message with others? This team may be a great fit for you! Health ministries is an integral part of the mission of the Adventist Church. The most important objective of health ministry is to help men and women reach their full potential, mentally, spiritually and physically. To reach full potential, health principles must be practiced and Bible based. With this in mind, Croydon’s Health and Lifestyle team work to provide a range of online and in-person programmes, classes, and health fairs to help educate church members and the local community. This includes collaborating with guest speakers (usually health professionals) to host live online discussions and Q&A sessions. One of the team’s most successful community outreach initiatives to date has been its online plant based cook-along classes, and we’re looking to build on this success. As a leader or team member, you will need to be proactive, enthusiastic about health, contribute ideas, be organised, and committed to biblical principles for health.

Interest Coordinators

Interest Coordinators are part of the Personal Ministry team and are responsible for maintaining a record of all the names that come to the church from various sources. It is the job of the Interest Coordinator to arrange for each interested local person to receive the service requested, whether that is literature, an invitation to a specific seminar or small group, a visit from a member who can pray with the person or give Bible studies or in some other way meet that individual’s needs. In essence, the Interest Coordinator is the “customer service manager” for the outreach activities of the church. The Interest Coordinator is the most important co-worker of the personal ministries leader. You will need to be a responsible person with good interpersonal and organisational skills and spiritual and emotional maturity.

Prison Ministries

Croydon’s Prison Ministry team consists of men and women who have a passion for sharing the love, hope, and life-changing message of Christ to those behind bars. Prison ministries is part of the personal ministries department. As a team member, you will take Jesus—the Light of the World—inside prison walls to introduce people to the saving grace of Jesus. Everyone can become a new creature in Christ. The goal of prison ministries is for every inmate and his or her family to have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ and be saved. This goal is facilitated through team members implementing various programmes such as worship services for inmates, pen pal friendships, Bible studies, and reaching out to inmates’ families. Volunteers can also provide services to assist inmates and their families upon release. Due to the nature of prison ministries, specific and thorough training of all volunteers is crucial, as well as a screening process. Tact, wisdom, and genuineness are also desirable traits.

Religious Liberty

Do have a keen interest in how legislation, current affairs, cultural/religious trends, geo-politics, and government, affect religious liberty? Then this is the department for you. The Religious Liberty Department monitor and share developments in national and world affairs that could infringe on our religious freedom and examine how these could relate to Bible prophecy. As a leader and team member, you will use a variety of engaging ways to keep church members informed, such as writing articles for the church website, organising guest speakers, hosting presentations, and Q&A sessions. You should also have a gift for discernment, be able to explain complex issues in a way that is easy to understand, and deliver difficult messages with honesty, sensitivity, and tact.

Further Information

If you will like more detailed information about a ministry, you may find the Advent Source Ministry Quick Start Guides useful. Alternatively you can contact us to speak with a Ministry Leader.