Open Road with Trees on the side. The best days of your life written in white in the center

The Best Days of Your Life

By Julia Gervais Two pairs of eyes begin to roll and both boys snicker whenever I talk about the ‘good old days’. Children ran to school. We shared stories, sugarcane, lunch, pens, pencils, books, rulers, compasses; you name it, we shared it. My pencil case always went home with interest...

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Two Hands reaching to each other against a sunset background. Title Furlough in the Church in Bold

Furlough in the Church?

By Julia Gervais On the 20th March 2020, the UK Government announced the furlough scheme, an initiative put in place to assist businesses and employees through the COVID-19 crisis. Essentially, the government made a commitment to finance 80% of the labour cost for businesses, as a means of curtailing the...

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