Trust Him

By Felicien Ekoume

Sometimes, God’s way of blessing us, is by not granting us what we have prayed for. Sometimes, it will take years for the promise to be materialised, for the gift to arrive, but whatever the time, it will be worth the wait.

God blesses us through the pain of affliction and the hurdles of life’s difficulties. He will cause us to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and it will feel like He is not there, but He is present, every step of the way. We will fly high on the mountain of doubt and sink deep in the valley of despair, we will have highs and lows, we will be discouraged, vexed, and annoyed. We will want to quit and even put into question, the very existence of God, and that faith that we have so much heard of. 

The Bible says that “He healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed those who had leprosy, and drove out demons,” (Matthew 10:8) but what has he done for me? the question is asked. Once we begin to truly seek the face of the Lord, and trust in His Word, our lives will take a different turn. 

But trusting God is not easy, it does not come naturally. It is not humanly possible, to grab the unseen hand of the Mighty Creator, through His word without the Spirit of God. It’s God Himself who enables us to trust Him. The Bible says that “He is the Author and the finisher of our Faith… It is Him who works in us, both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” (Phillipians 2:13 ; Hebrew 12:2) 

It’s Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, who directs the affairs of life and leads us on the path of righteousness. A path marked at times with bumps, holes and thorns… but nevertheless, it is a sure path, and God has pledged to walk with us when we “pass through the waters… or walk through the fire… we will not be swept away by the current, or burn by the flame.” (Isaiah 42:2)

He has made it possible for us to go through our life’s journey as victors and conquerors. We will be bruised but not overcome, hit but not knocked out, pushed but not off course, slapped in the face and spat upon, wounded and hurt, but not defeated.

When the voice of discouragement will present itself, along with its sisters “give up” and “quit”, God will whispers unto us words of comfort, so that we can get back on our feet and continue the heavenwards journey. He will encourage you through dreams and visions, the kindness of a friend, or the generosity of a stranger. He will unlock your ears, so that you can hear special words from the pulpit, and relate them to your personal circumstances. He will draw you into a closer communion with Jesus, so that you can understand your need and dependence of Him.

God will mark your Christian journey with specific details and memorable events, which will serve as beacons of light to help dispel the clouds of doubts, unbelief or confusion.

In regards to His existence, Nature and Love. God is real, and He will draw you, shape you, stamp His image into you, then present you faultless before His throne. 

Trials are a source of blessings, rather than a curse, but we cannot always see it at the time. Through them God reveals Himself, through them we are made into His image. Our carnal nature is tamed, and the spiritual being brought to life and exalted. The plans of God, the providences of God, His outworking in our lives and the different events that fill our journey, are heavens means of cleansing us and shaping us into the divine beings that God would have us be. “I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean. I will give you a new heart, put a new spirit within you.. and cause you to walk in My statutes.” (Ezekiel 36:26).

So next time you kneel down to pray, asking God to bestow His blessings upon you, fasten the seatbelt of Faith and brace yourself for an exciting journey.


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    Pedra says:

    A very timely tribute to Gods love of us. These words spoke to me in a very special way THANK YOU.

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