By Julia Gervais

I’m fed up of being inside. I miss my friends. I can’t go to work. Imagine, I actually want to go to school! Anywhere – I just want to be free! No train rides, no gym, no football. 

I have had enough!

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, freedom can be defined as: the ​condition​ or ​right​ of being ​able​ or ​allowed​ to do, say, ​think​, etc. whatever you ​want​ to, without being ​controlled​ or ​limited​: the ​state​ of not being in ​prison.

I bemoan this restrictive situation in which I find myself.  I pine for my daily routine, back then, when I was free:  Then I would… bash my alarm clock, get up, whisper a quick prayer (if time permitted), dress, rush pass each other (off to work; off to school). Run! Miss the train, late for work! Make up hours over lunch or work late, arrive home late! Miss my son’s swimming lesson. Late supper, supervise homework, collapse in bed. Repeat the cycle in five hours. 

Was I really free? .I consider my new routine:

No alarm. No missed train. No missed lunch. Regular daily devotion, family breakfast; home-working, home-schooling, board games, gardening, cooking together, time for in-depth conversations, laughter.

Am I really in prison?

Imprisoned or free? It’s really a matter of perspective. The choices we made, in the pre-lockdown daily routine, had us in a different kind of prison.

Freedom is not just about being able to choose whether to go out or stay in.

True freedom is about our relationship with Christ.  It is this, and only this relationship, that allows us to make the choices that set us free.

Embrace the new opportunities. Use this time to reflect, revise, and renew. Look for positives.

  1. Reflect​ on the quality of our relationship with God.
  2. Revise​ our priorities
  3. Renew​ our commitment to God.

Make this time count for eternity.

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  1. Donavan says:

    Yup. Freedom from the snare of our oppressor.