You’re Valuable

By Pastor Jesse

Have you ever been around so many people, yet felt so alone?

Most, if not all of us desire to be loved and to feel valued by somebody. I mean have you ever felt pushed to the side, or the odd one out. Perhaps you know what it feels like to be rejected by family members, friends, and co-workers. Maybe, you know what it feels like to be branded by a mistake of a former lifestyle habit that has plagued you at each phase of your life. Perhaps you’ve been there? Where you feel worthless and unworthy, sinking in the mire of your conscious only to become a product of your pain! Wishing that someone would value you! 

Unidentified, unnamed, and undervalued.

There’s a story of a woman in Luke 7:36 – 50. A woman who is unidentified, unnamed, and undervalued but KNOWN to everyone around as a sinner. 

This woman who was known as a sinner overwhelmed by Jesus’s love began to cry and wash the feet of Jesus. She also brought an Alabaster box that was made from rich-precious and costly stone. In fact, this stone was commonly used in Israel, and it was so precious that scholars believe it was part of stone used in Solomon’s temple. Enclosed in the alabaster box made of precious stone was expensive fragrant oil.

Understand, this was not a spray bottle of Vera Wang or Chanel. That was cheap stuff in comparison to what she was offering. This bottle was so special that it was sealed with wax to prevent the perfume from escaping. 

In other words, once the bottle was opened, you would have to use everything.

And so here is this woman; unnamed, unidentified, and undervalued but known as a sinner willing to give Jesus everything she had!

Finally, Jesus looks at the woman and said to her, “your sins are forgiven”. I mean, could you imagine the relief she felt as those words left Jesus’ lips and echoed into her ears. Her tears of surrender turned into tears of overwhelming joy as she has longed to be forgiven.

Her head that was bowed in shame rose as she heard the voice that freed her from the shackles of others’ opinions, and societal rejection. For her, to hear Jesus say ‘you’re forgiven,’ that was enough. 

I want to say to the person that has lost their confidence, feels alone and invisible, YOU ARE VALUABLE!