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Are You Ready?

By David Billett

Today I received a package from America.  It contained a memorial book and DVD in memory of my late nephew, Jerab Prentice Billett, who was tragically murdered last year.

It was sad to watch the whole thing all over again and yet it was reassuring to know that we as a family became stronger and more aware of out mortality.  The death of a loved one begs the question, what was the state of the soul when he or she died?  Obviously asking that question is a question too late for there cannot be an answer. So it is better to ask, should Christ come for me today what is the state of my soul.?  Are we confident we have done all in our power to be saved?

In John 9:39 Jesus said “I am come for the judgement” most people think that Jesus has come to judge us, however John 3:17 says that, “God has not sent his Son to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved”.  By comparing scripture with scripture we see that Christs coming into this world for the judgement was not so much to judge us but that through him we would be ready for the judgement.  He is the vital piece of evidence that makes our case in the Judgement water tight and secure.

As Seventh-day Adventists we believe that the judgment has already begun according to the messages of the three angels (Revelations 14;6-12). Because Christ is coming soon and there will be those who are alive when he comes. Those who are living will need their case heard and decided. That’s why the three angels’ messages are so crucial to a dying world. This life is not a dress rehearsal.  

“The Judgement has set. The books have been opened. How shall we stand on that great day? When every thought and deed and action God the righteous judge shall weigh.”

Are you ready for Jesus to come? There are only seconds to go!

Let’s Pray

Dear Jesus, When we look around us, the signs are all present that you will be back very soon. Please transform my life and in so doing, let everyone I come into contact with, see  a pure and constant reflection of your love. Please allow me to live every day of my life in preparation for your soon return and on that great day, please do not let me be found wanting.

Our song for the week comes from Neville Peter and is entitled “The Judgement Has Set”