• Were you there?

    By Pastor Jesse The streets were packed with people. All had come to see Him. It was somewhat confusing. After all, we had just recently […]

  • The Fight for Your Life

    By Pastor Jesse. I was once told that life is a series of choices. A series of decisions to be made. How we view life […]

  • You’re Valuable

    By Pastor Jesse Have you ever been around so many people, yet felt so alone? Most, if not all of us desire to be loved […]

  • Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

    By Pastor Jesse Samuel  If the truth be told, all of us here today at some point in our lives have been troubled.  Troubled by […]

  • Confused Faith

    Pastor Jesse Samuel  Have you ever been in a season in your life when everybody around you in life seems to be blessed but you?   […]

  • New Year New Creation!

    Pastor Jesse Samuel  New year, new me! This is a statement that many people make at the beginning of each calendar year. We see the […]