Welcome to “Looking up!”, where we take a few moments to focus on an area of life and consider it from a biblical perspective. Our hope is that you allow the message to remain with you and act as a source of encouragement in the week ahead! 
  • Do You Know Your Value?

    By Jenniffer Mann  I used to like watching a show on the BBC, called The Antiques Road Show.  The premise behind the programme, is that […]

  • Intentional Kindness

    By Jenniffer Mann  Someone recently shared a post with me, that I’ll share with you too. The visual was of a long corridor filled several […]

  • I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel

    By Jenniffer Mann  For many Christians throughout the world, they have only ever served Christ under the constant and very real threat of persecution.   Being […]

  • Is Your All on the Altar?

    Was it really about Christ? Or was it about you being seen, known and heard? When on the receiving end of the comments, was your response really about Christ, or did it become about you, because the comments were taken personally?

  • Spiritual Roulette

    By Jenniffer Mann Story has it, a battle ship was on exercise at sea in bad weather. The captain was on the bridge. It was […]

  • Snooze, You Lose!

    By Jenniffer Mann Most of us engaged in gainful employment, will admit that we are a slave to our alarm clocks! When the abrupt and […]